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All Guilds Meeting - December 2012

We're back with another report from the All Guilds Meeting, which fell nicely on the first of the month!  And of course, no AGM summary would be complete without chatlogs, both raw and cleansed.  Here's what went down:

Heritage Night

DimensionTravelerCalum came up to update everyone on the status of HN.  It will return for every Sunday @ 12:00 KI time starting in January (the 6th) and continuing into the beginning of March.  He is also looking for anyone interested in conducting some of these gatherings, as well as weekday HNs and also meetings in other languages.  For more info, visit the site.

Mac and rarified were next to present some news from Cyan and Minkata shard.  Cyan is planning on switching its server to an annual contract, which is projected to lower the total yearly cost about 30 to 40 percent.  This will hopefully be done by the end of the year.  As for the Minkata shard, testing on the new physics updates continues, with more events in the near future.  Rarified mentioned a client that would handle transferring marker games to and from MOULa as well.

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All Guilds Meeting - November 2012

L'année 2012 tire à sa fin et nous sommes réunis, ici à Kirel, pour la réunion mensuelle de toutes les Guildes (AGM). Beaucoup de visages familiers nous ont rejoint, cette fois-ci, ainsi qu'une toute nouvelle Guilde ! Lyrobot était aussi présent afin d'enregistrer les questions et le chatlog. A ce propos, vous trouverez le chatlog "brut" et "épuré" ainsi que le résumé habituel.

Guilde des Ecrivains

Branan, aidé par Hoikas, est venu parler de la Guilde des Ecrivains. Leur concours Tre'bivdil Stained Glass Contest a été un grand succès et ils ont désigné un gagnant : Christian Walther ! Sa réalisation ainsi que celle des autres participants seront présentées, très bientôt, dans chaque quartier du Gehn Shard. Branan pense organiser d'autres concours prochainement. Lire la suite

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All Guilds Meeting - October 2012

Shorah everyone!  Another month goes by and another All Guilds Meeting brings a flurry of activity to Kirel on an otherwise peaceful Saturday.  Things started off by giving Leonardo a proper thank you for his service as moderator.  And of course, the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs are here for those that couldn't make it.

Here's the usual Guild of Messengers' All Guilds Meeting Summary (tm)!


Ly was first up to discuss the latest upgrades he's made to Lyrobot, who, for the first time, joined everyone for the meeting.  These changes include:

  • Able to page in several avatars like Kodama and Blake and animate them properly.
  • Can link you to more Ages by PM, including one of the Bahro caves.
  • A more improved teleport function for within Ages.
  • More control over how much your avatar shrinks or grows with an optional size modifier.

Check Lyrobot's site linked above for more information!

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All Guilds Meeting - September 2012

After a bit less than a month, we are back for reporting on the All Guilds Meeting! Since we had the last AGM less than a month ago and it's been summer for most of us, this time, the AGM was not so full, but it still had its informative contents.

Here is the chat log, as usual in our two formats: raw and cleansed.

And the Summary:

Alien came on the stage to ask everyone to send her their KI marker Quests in an attempt to create what seems like a Marker Quests Repository avatar probably, Alien did not give a lot of details of her plans.

Lyrositor updated us on the situation of Lyrobot. He hasn't been able to work on Lyrobot's code in the last month, but he has been planning some new additions: requested commands to control other creatures, existing commands improvements. He has also added a forum on Lyrobot's website to discuss and make suggestions.

The GoMe has been working on The Cavern Post and on Uru2U. Just today, they have published two new Articles in their magazine, one from Alien about K'veer, and the second article of the series Max is writing about the modern history of the cavern. Uru2U, their video project, has been progressing under the lead of Ahlisendar. the GoMe reminds everyone that anyone can participate in our projects, even if you're not a Guild Member! Lire la suite

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Réunion interguildes - Août 2012

Est-ce encore la date tant attendue ? L'éternellement fascinante Réunion interguildes prit place aujourdhui, avec une semaine de retard en raison de Mysterium ; malgré tout, cela valait le coup d'attendre !

De grandes nouvelles et nouveautés furent annoncées, sous la supervision de Leonardo qui est de retour. Ici vous pouvez lire le chat brut et le chat épuré avec un résumé ci-dessous :

Guilde des Écrivains/H'uru

Branan a mentionné que son équipe venait de publier leur tout dernier client pour Gehn incluant quelques modifications et nouveautés, toutes détaillées dans sa publication d'aujourd'hui. La grande nouvelle est l'ajout d'un nouvel Âge, créé il y a quelques temps par Lontahv lors du Concours de développement rapide d'Âge (RAD).

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